Restaurant Equipment and Establishment Set Up

You have been dreaming about it for what seems like an eternity; to open your own restaurant. There have been so many hoops to jump through just to acquire your location. You have had to create business plans and involve leasing agents or realtors depending on whether you are renting a space or buying. You have sat through endless meetings with lending professionals and finally the day is here. The keys to your new establishment are resting snuggly in your hands. You open the door and take in the space that will one day be bustling with waiters, chefs and customers. You aren’t quite there yet but you know what needs to be done to get to that point.

If you have made it this far you have also acquired a contractor that will help you through all of the steps of the renovation, installation and finishing touches that way make your restaurant solely unique to your style and the ambience you are striving to bestow upon your future guests.

When it comes to designing your space you will want an elaborate dining space to meet your restaurant goers the moment they walk through the doors. Your doors will be welcoming and inviting, and your reception area will be comfortable. The hostess station will be situated where guests do not feel Closter phobic but also near enough that guests waiting for a table will not feel forgotten. Tables will be placed perfectly around the room, so customers do not feel stacked on top of one another but close enough that it isn’t awkward, and you are utilizing as much of your coveted square footage possible to enhance the dining experience and your profit margins. You most likely will have trend setting lighting scattered throughout your establishment so guests can dine comfortably but your kitchen will be boisterous and well lit.

Your designer may have a high end ceiling designed for the dining area that includes crown molding or details around light fixtures but the kitchen, the heart and soul of the establishment will probably have a Restaurant Drop Ceiling Solution. Drop ceilings allow for technicians to have easy access to the permanent fixtures such as electrical and plumbing without having to damage a cut through drywall. The kitchen will also be stocked with the highest end and energy efficient appliances to allow your chefs the best ovens and refrigeration systems to create their sought-after culinary creations.

Surfaces will be easy to clean, and the kitchen will be simple to maneuver around. You have put so much thought into the design process that you have had multiple floor plans worked over to ensure you are creating the most positive and workable space imaginable. You will most likely go through a soft opening process where you are inviting local neighborhood business owners or homeowners to come in and preview your restaurant and critique any items on the menu or bar list. This is a great way to get a feel for how your daily business operations will go and to give you a heads up on any items you may need to tweak.