Making Your Food More Accessible to The Public

As a restaurant owner, you’re probably interested in getting as many people as possible sitting down at your tables to eat. However, it might be a good idea to expand your offerings in terms of how people can purchase food from you. Just like any type of pizza delivery kirkwood mo in your area it has changed how many of us consume pizza, look into all of these different ways you can make your food more accessible.

Online Pickup

Someone coming home from a long day of work might be interested in picking something up to east instead of having to cook, but they don’t necessarily want to go sit down in a restaurant. Having online pickup is a good way to grab these type of customers as they will be able to order online without even having to wait inside for a long time so they can have their food cooked. To install an online pickup option in your business, make sure that you offer a standard website along with a mobile app. Having a mobile app is important since customers are might be more likely to give you repeat orders over other restaurants if they know that’s it very easy for them to order through you. Additionally, offer the option with online pickup to re-order a past order since frequent customers are most likely interested in what they ordered last time. Adding online pickup to your restaurant is something that you should be considering doing right away.

Drive Thru

Online pickup can be great, but many of us don’t even like to get out of our cars to get food. Depending on the area, you might be spending minutes trying to find a parking spot and walking to a restaurant to pick up food which is why many people tend to go for fast food establishments when driving back home from work. Adding a drive-thru to your restaurant can be advantageous as you could bring a unique service that typically isn’t seen at restaurants. Offer different ways that people can order for your drive-thru whether it be ordering ahead online or through their phone, plus the ability to order directly at the drive-thru and simply wait for their food to come out. Consider adding a drive-thru when you want your restaurant to be known for something unique.


Adding these types of options to make your food more accessible is important for constant business. Make sure that you survey your customers in your area as they might have different needs for food and the types of services you offer than those in other parts of the world. Additionally, you should always be offering incentives for people to at least try out these new options to get your food such as offering free sides or a discount whenever they make a purchase for the first time. Always make sure that you’re keeping up with new technology in the restaurant industry so you can always be near the top of the pack.