How to Pick the Best Restaurant

We all go out to eat and want to have a good experience. That being said, you have to look at why you like a particular restaurant over another. It can be a hard decision to make, especially if you are sold on one type of food and who is giving it to you. Restaurants line the block in every city. Customers head to them to enjoy a meal that they don’t have to slave over at home on the stove. Here are some of the ways to pick the best restaurant.


The is nothing more horrible then getting bad service at a restaurant. It’s not something we plan on happening once we sit down it just occurs. You should never settle for bad service from a restaurant. This could be waiting more than 30mins to an hour for your food. Further, once you get it the order is completely wrong and now you have to wait even longer. Service is the number one thing that can turn customers away and having them trying another place. Always make sure your service experience is on par whether you are dealing with the waiters or the manager.


One main reason you find yourself seated at a restaurant is because of the food. It could be any type of asian food irvine ca or something else. That said, the food needs to be excellent in order for you to keep coming back. We have all heard the horror stories from friends and family about eating somewhere and they found something floating in their soup. The food at a restaurant sets them apart from everyone else on the block. It should be hot when it comes out and tastes as the chef expects it to. Avoid eating anything that doesn’t taste right on the first bite.

Order time

Anything that you order at a restaurant should come to your table at a reasonable time. Waiting longer than needed is not a good experience. It never hurts to simply ask how long will the orders take? That’s a fair question as no customer wants to be waiting all day for a bowl of chili. Order time is a big concern, especially if you are only, they’re during lunch and need to get back to work. Ask the manager or tell them ahead of time that you need to be out of there by a certain time and put a rush on your order.

Picking the best restaurant isn’t difficult if you know what you like and what to look out for. You should never put up with service that is so bad that people are running for the door. Rudeness from staff is a red flag that you need to get up and leave. The food should look like the picture on the menu and taste like it’s supposed to taste. Don’t settle for any hair or miscellaneous creatures in your food without telling the manager. Make sure your order doesn’t take forever where you have to leave without eating.