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- An ORIGINAL Heirloom Starter Culture for making Bulgarian Yogurt
- Genuine Traditional Product derived directly from the source
- Unique symbiotic combination of strains which can be isolated ONLY in Bulgaria without being subject to genetic modification with the trade name "GENESIS". Because we use the original starter cultures and technology to produce a Bulgarian yogurt, we guarantee the highest quality product with specific traditional taste, typical flavor and texture.

Using "Genesis" starters you will make yogurt that can be represented as a synonym  of health and longevity. Any of "Genesis'" yogurts contain valuable cultures to support a digestive and immune systems. There are only lyophilised original bacterial cultures in starters such as Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophilus etc. Sure, it is much more faster as well as convenient to take some credible brand's pill to gain all needed probiotics and micro-elements in your body to improve ones health. On the other hand, is it a really good idea chewing the gum instead of enjoying the taste of a real strawberry?


Here is a Conventional Recipe to use a 1 sachet to batch 1-1/2 gallon of fresh pasteurized whole milk
However, in a case you want to use your yogurt maker, please skip our direction and follow an applied instructions instead.
1. Pre-heat milk to 60-65 °F
2. Pour the contain of the sachet in the milk
3. Mix well for 3-4 minutes
4. Pour the mix into large bowl or jars and let it be incubated on 60F until yogurt is ready, normally it takes about 12-16 hours to reach a required consistency.(Oven warm up regime, thermal bag, etc.) It is ready for use. Enjoy!
5. Store yogurt in the refrigerator with  40°F

The following video shows how to prepare yogurt using any starter for your choice. In fact, it is much more convenient to use powder from "Genesis" sachet



If we go back to the beginning of 20th century, it would be surprising to reveal that so popular at nowadays product as yogurt was only known in the small villages around the Balkan region. However, the scientist whose name was Ilya Mechnikov undertook the study of yogurt's matter while doing his spacious scientific work in a field of immunology and microbiology. Mechnikov was born in Kharkov region in 1845 which was a part of the Great Russian Empire that time. He received an advanced after-graduate degrees in Germany and Italy after being graduated with honor from the university of Kharkov. During his scientific career Mechnikov created a huge database of human aging facts collecting them from about 36 countries. However, at his time some scientists unlike others strictly believed that humans longevity can be increased if the remedy against a poisoning intestinal microflora will be found. Mechnikov was so devoted to this idea that founded the Bacteriological institute in city of Odessa in 1886. Thereafter he developed a vaccine which was able to fight efficiently against typhoid and cholera. Mechnicov's job was so successful that soon he was invited to work at the world famous Paster Institute by Louis Pasteur. Mechnikov immigrated to France where he had studied immunology and aging related science for as long as for next 28 years. Doing his research Mechnikov paid attention to the fact of high population of centennials in Bulgaria. The fact of consuming a great deal of dairy products by Bulgarians made this country meal habits distinct from any other countries so that it was natural that Mechnikov connected a longevity with a dairy diet especially with so-called lactic bacillus which presents in a sour milk. The lacto-bacteria fought with pathogenic bacteria preventing them from poisoning a human body so that improving people overall health condition. In following scientific studies Mechnikov continued to reveal a usefulness of Bulgarian yogurt for a humanity. Later in 1907 Mechnikov issued his remarkable work "Scientifically Soured Milk: Its Influence in Arresting Intestinal Putrefaction," a brief reference to the subject of soured milk in its relation to the prolongation of human life and its influence in arresting intestinal putrefaction. Mechnikov wrote in one of his articles "Eating yogurt will produce a constitution more resistant to disease. This is the secret of youthfulness and longevity." For Mechnikov outstanding researches and invaluable discoveries in 1908 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Mechnikov's discoveries inspired many others researches from all around the World to continue and develop his ideas. One of them was Kazuyoshi Masagaki a scientist from Japan who issued the fundamental book "Concerning Life Span and Effective Bacteria" in 1950. However, Masagaki proved an idea that our  layer of  protective intestinal flora can be broken down not only by antibiotics, but also from work or home related stresses, harmful food poisoning, or the excessive consumption of not healthful junk foods.  As a result, our digestion efficiency will deteriorate because the normal balance of the complex metabolic process in our gastrointestinal tract may be disrupted. Consequently, so-called well-known pro-biotic supplementation become an important topic which cannot be ignored in a contemporary society, because according to Mechnikov's research which was done back to the 19 century " 'helpful bacteria' from yogurt helped increase immunity function while causing no harm to the body. The good bacteria suppress the action of harmful bacteria in the intestines and prevent them from releasing toxins." Interesting fact that Masagaki stated in his article much later in 1950th "Animals in which harmful bacteria proliferate and produce toxins within the intestines, have shorter life spans. Animals like cranes live 90 to 100 years and turtles live approximately 300 years. When dissecting the open intestines of these animals you   will never find proliferation of putrefying bacteria or a rotten smell." "The same for humans: people living naturally in the wilderness have stools with almost no foul smell and live much longer. Living in the city and eating foods that are not natural increases the amount of abnormal fermentation, resulting in the production of intestinal toxins. Absorbing these toxins cause the various organs within the body to degenerate and the person ages early, unable to live his allotted life span." These quotations deliver a significant matter for understanding. Years later Isaac Carasso , a physician who run his practice in Barcelona, Spain guessed himself why there are so many patients with digestive problems in Spain. Actually, Dr. Carasso was born on Balkan region in Thessalonica, Greece where yogurt  was an ordinary food, but he was not familiar with its significant healing properties. In some way Dr. Carasso become familiarized with Mechnikov's theory. Eventually, he requested Mechnikov who lived in Paris to send lactic yogurt strains (or simply saying yogurt starter) to him to Spain. Carasso proposed his home-made yogurt to public using existed pharmacies. He promote yogurt as a special remedy against various digestive problems. Yogurt  was packed up to the pots made from clay as a kind of curative balm. Carasso's business was so successful that in 1919 Dr. Carasso founded the company which sold yogurt. After him his son Daniel Carasso continued and developed the family business establishing Danone in France and Dannon in the United States It is definitely natural that Genesis Laboratories a producer of starter cultures for milk industry is located in Bulgaria where yogurt was born. The company was founded in 1992 by leading experts in this field. The company’s headquarter as well as its scientific-production association is located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Today, yogurt’s, kefir’s, cotton cheese’s and  fermented baking milk’s commonly called ryazhenka starters are sold in many countries all around the word. Our company’s portfolio consists of a range of yogurt starter  products. All of them are contain the number of viable active cells a minimum amount of which is 1 x 1010 CPU per gram. Moreover, the cultures are produced by method of freeze drying, which allows bacteria to stay alive. Genesis Yogurt starter cultures are obtained with the help of their fermentative activity possess probiotic medicinal and dietary qualities. The cultures are certified in Bulgaria by the Ministry of Health and also deposited in the National Bank for microorganisms valuable for industry. The method of their production is patent protected and was many times awarded in innovation halls in Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. The industrial qualities of Genesis yogurt starter  cultures make possible the preparation of milk products with a variety of taste, flavor and consistency. As the highest quality products Genesis yogurts strains can normalize the intestine micro flora, lower the level of the serum cholesterol, release the toxins and activate the functioning of the immune system. The products with Genesis yogurt starter cultures are foods of health and long life. A growing popularity of yogurt made from viable cultures at home to make sure there are any additives added was a main reason to start business for Genesis’ partners from Ukraine and Russia. The cultures are packed in special sachets straightly in Bulgaria and then are shipped around the World. Part of this amount is ship to the USA to introduce these amazing products to the American consumers. We are looking forward to increase our business to improve our customers’ health and well being.  





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